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Other Courses

The other courses currently available are School Camps, Home School Groups, Twinkle Tots.
To book us for either use the booking form on the Bookings page.

(Check to see is Starlab is going to be in your area at the time)

School camps have ideal conditions for teaching the Astronomy Section of Planet Earth and Beyond. Let us take your pupils on a journey to discover the night sky.

Your pupils will have the opportunity to look through a telescope at night sky objects (weather permitting). If it is cloudy your pupils will still be able to see the stars as we will bring our portable planetarium, Starlab, to your camp.

With enough notice we can cover a range of topics to suit your pupils' needs. Our session covers Aim 3 of “Planet Earth and Beyond”; to investigate and understand the relationships between Earth, the Solar System, Galaxy and the Universe.


When we come to your camp you can...

  • Watch for satellites and meteors
  • Gaze at the night sky
  • Find constellations
  • Discover planets
  • Hold meteorites
$5.00 per pupil. (A small travel charge may apply for long distances.)

Students are taken through a wide range of activities as well as the opportunity to visit Starlab. The course for home school groups include.

  • Sun: Learn the safe way to view the sun, observing sunspots, following shadows activity.
  • Solar System: Compare sizes of planets, our moon and space travel, measuring the Solar System activity.
  • Comets and Meteors: The differences between the two, holding a meteorite, making a comet activity (depending on the availability of dry ice).
  • Night Sky (Using Starlab): Looking at the night sky, day and night, phases of the moon, seasons, eclipses.  Making a Planisphere or Star Finder activity.
  • Telescopes: How they work, simple telescopes, how to use telescopes and binoculars.

There is also the option of a night time session as well to view the night sky (best after daylight savings ends). A Starlab Resource Book can be purchased for $36.95 to complement the day. At the end of the day families get awarded with a certificate to show they have completed all activities.

$75.00 per family.

This programme is especially designed for pre school children. We sit inside the Starlab bubble and watch the stars come out while singing “Twinkle Little Star”. We look at star colours, pictures that stars make and what else is in the sky. Using slides and movies  we look at our home - the Earth, our Star – the Sun and the Moon. A small telescope is brought for the children to see what a telescope does and look through it at a distant object (usually a tree). They can look at and touch a piece of “Space Rock” and find out why they should wear hats in sunlight. At the end of the session every child leaves with a special bead.
Mums (and Dads) are encouraged to come with their children!
This session takes place in the morning and allows for 2 or 3 different groups to participate.

Cost - $450

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