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Students are more then welcome to ask questions by emailing them or faxing them. Below is are some of the more recent questions that have been asked.

Why is Mars red?
When you look at Mars in the sky you are looking at it's red sandy surface.
What is a shooting star?
It is a piece of rock about the size of a piece of sand out in space. It is pulled to Earth by the Earth's gravity and as it comes through the Earth's atmosphere the rubbing of the piece of rock makes it get so hot it that it burns up. What you see is a shooting star or a meteor. If it is big enough and it doesn't burn up and hits the ground it then becomes a meteorite.

Is there really such thing as a blue moon?

Yes there is, though the moon doesn't actually turn blue. A blue moon is when there is a full moon twice in one month. There is a blue moon in August 2004. The first full moon is on the 1st of August, and the second full moon (or the blue moon) is on the 30th of August. The next blue moon won't happen until June 2007
Watch out for more kids questions!

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