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Paul Halpern
The hunt for new planets is on! Learn the secrets of planet hunters as they search for planets beyond our Solar System. What's the best way to find distant planets? What does it mean when you see a wobbling star? Where do scientists hope to find new forms of life? Join the quest for new worlds and discover frozen moons, boiling oceans, and other strange alien landscapes.
Suit Year 5 Up
Penston & Morison
Astronomy is a comprehensive look at what we know about the universe and the ways in which amateurs can observe and learn more about the heavenly bodies. From Big Bang theories, the evolution of the stars and the Solar System to giant galaxies of outer space. Sophisticated optical aids and how to watch the stars are also covered. I like this book a lot as the illustrations and explanations are great.
Suit Year 9 Up
Patrick Moore
This book is a complete guide to astronomy and space exploration. It has 600 colour images, 150 artworks, 400 photos and false colour images, 50 maps, maps of the constellations in the northern and southern hemisphere. It covers the planets and moons of the solar system, stars, galaxies and other astronomical phenomena as well as discussing telescopes and binoculars and how to use them. Missions into space are covered including Clementine (surveying the moon), Pathfinder (to Mars). The glossary is very comprehensive.

If you wish to order any of these books then simply email us listing the books you'd like to order, which school you are from, and your order number. Please note that prices do not include postage and packaging charges.

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