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Booking With Us

You can phone 0800 (STARLAB) 782 752 and give us the information below, or download and print one of our three forms.

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Basic Information
We'll need to know the Teacher's name and the name of your school.
Check our calendar for the dates we will be in your area or for any interesting astronomical event.
Advise us on which programme you want. They are 'Beyond Earth',and 'Other'. If you choose other we'll need to know what you want covered. If there is something specific you require in the Beyond Earth Talk, please let us know.
Date Choices
Since there is a possibility that your first choice may already be booked, please give us two sets of dates and how many days you require.
Class Details
Please tell us how many classes there will be, and what year each class is. If there are any children in wheelchairs or with crutches we also need to know beforehand. Let your teachers know there is a short dark tunnel to go through so if they are claustrophobic, advise us before so they we can cater for them by allowing entrance another way.
Contact Details
In order to contact you and send booking information we need to know the school's phone and fax number as well as an after school number so we can contact you, if we are unable to do so during school hours.

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